Judy Hopps Cosplay & Makeup from Zootopia | Noodlerella

Of course it is and its everyone else’s opinion to want Connie to do Miraculous Ladybug. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Im no different from them except from different opinions. Also I already stated ‘I am just stating my opinion’.

The Ministry of Media finds your content inappropriate for Arstotzkan viewers. The penalty is deletion of Google account. You will be interrogated about your latest content and a check on your mental status. Glory to Arstotzka.

How do you put the ears on? I have like clip in bunny ears and I’m having a bit of trouble putting them on my head Also how did you style the wig? Thank you.

It’s a joke in one of the interviews with the cast Ginnifer Goodwin said she was she was glad they didn’t sexualize her character. Like really who says that about a character on a family show I thought it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

You look cute with the silver hair. On one of your post I asked if you ever thought about cutting your hair short, or perhaps into a pixie cut. I think you would look absolutely stunning with either of them! I just wish that I could get the chance to cut it for you! Definitely a pixie!

Also if you’d be so kind as to watch LoliRock on Netflix! I highly recommend it. It’s a magical girl cartoon. It’s really cute and the music is quite nice as well!

Noodlerella what anime, cartoons and video games did you grow up with and what are your favorite video games, anime and cartoons did you grow up with. Also who are your favorite cartoon and anime characters.

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