How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger For Cosplay

G’day! This video is for the lovely ladies in the cosplay community who want to achieve that ridiculous huge fake boob look. It’s also relevant for transgender male-female people who want more feminine curves, dragqueens, promotional models, or anyone else who just wants to make their boobs look like super pretty sparkly mountains of joy.

If you want to come on here and comment about how stupid it is for women to want to fake bigger boobs, let it be known throughout the universe that you are an asshat.

I agree with almost all you said in the beginning of the video, except where you said if a guy only wants to sleep with a girl because of her boobs he doesn’t deserve her. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having casual sex with someone just because you find them attractive. All depends on expectations, as long as everyone knows what he is getting into and is ok with it, everythings fine.

Well, since my breast size won’t allow me to Crossplay, I guess going the other direction is the only choice I really have. Thanks for these tips. I’ll be sure to use them… as soon as I figure out which female character I would feel comfortable cosplaying.

I find it funny when you said the comment about women tricking men, whats funny is men do it way more often then women, the mass majority of us have to play games to pick up women and most take pride in how many they can get.

I’m sure there are some more innocent women who need you to save them from evil douchebags like myself. Just a heads up though, don’t expect them to reward you for your heroic acts.

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