How to make roadhog mask and hook: overwatch cosplay

You can get contact cement in lots of places. I would go to a home improvement store and ask about contact cement or barge. I personally like contact cement better, we use it in my theatre while working on puppets. Generally foam can handle hot glue but it doesn’t last as long, contact cement makes it so that the peices will not come apart unless used under a heat gun or cut apart. Contact cement smells so use it outside in an airy place and don’t breath it for extended periods. To use contact cement you need to lightly glue both materials you want to fuse let them dry (like 5 mins) until tacky then fuse. I wear gloves because this stuff is seriously sticky.

what do ya usually end up doing with the dozens of cosplays you’ve made after you’re finished with them? Can’t imagine you’d have an entire shoe closet filled wall to wall with your many props & costumes.

It ended up really amazing! If you could please please let me know what the brand and product that made up the base of the hook, and the foam for the hook and the mask, I would unbelievably appreciate it! Thank you!

How long did it take to complete each of those pieces? If you plan to do time lapses in the future can you put up a clock so we know how much time has passed? I think it would be helpful for new creators to know how long a quality product takes to produce.

what paint do you use? I’m using acrylic paint based on recommendations from other prop builders bit the metallics have horrible coverage (4+ coats needed) and colours require atleast 2 coats. from the videos done by the pros it looks to be done in one coat.

I want to make a Roadhog cosplay for my local con next year and this actually helps me out a lot, thank you very much for uploading it! Please continue to upload videos of how you make your amazing cosplays, they help a lot of us get started figuring out what we should be doing.

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