Hollow Mask Part 2 – Teeth & Plaster | Bleach Ichigo | Costume Prop How To | Dali DIY

Neither of those will crack unless you plan on using the mask in an extreme environment. But even if you do, chances are the mask will last longer than you.

Oh never mind. I think i understand the reason why you used wall plaster. It’s because even after it dries you can still add a little bit of moisture to smooth out the bumps for a polished finish.

having loads of masks is really annoying, it is hard whether to put some on display or put others in storage. Some masks/ helmets are nicer than others…

i like plaster because i can smooth it with water like clay, no sanding needed, if you have a workshop, sanding tool & don’t mind chemical smell, maybe you like bondo better, & bondo is much solid. i see it like, bondo – plastic, plaster – clay.

the way you made the teeth was abosulty astonishing, i was watching and i had no idea what you were using the paper towel for until i saw that it just for color.

this mask is coming out great and you’re showing us a lot more tricks, can’t wait to try this one out myself. can’t wait to see the final product and as always keep up the great work.

I ended up just doing that I’m on the plaster stuff now and I got the wrong stuff it’s a paste and not working correctly so I’m getting stuff this weekend thank u for helping me through this project when I asked questions u answered keep up the great work.

You can use wood filler as replacement for the plaster. It is much easier to handle than plaster, believe me when I say that. It comes in a tub of 500gm, and even when it is hard you can always soften it using water. If you need to sculpt it afterwards just use knife.

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