Hetalia FIFA Girls Cosplay

FIFA is an association football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS. You may think this is video game of man, but there are so many girls love this game. I can prove it.

They’re not quite costumes, you can purchase official national team kits from their websites usually (ex. google ‘spain nt kit’), and i know it has most of them (though they’re the current not kits so you won’t be able to find ones from the 2010 wc like this video has, only the ones the national teams are currently wearing during international break). and if your cosplay group wants special names on the back and not the names of the actual players, they usually have an option to customize it!

That was a Fun Day to bad my jersey didn’t come in on time i would have play, it came in 3 days after would and i would have been Netherlands.

I think most of us are However only a few of us are doing Hetalia related cosplays for it. But if you see us around and recognize us [Hetalia cosplay or not] come say hi.

K Germany vs spain so my and my family were watching and I’m cheering for Spain my brother looks at me funny while my dad said “you would cheer for Spain rather than your home land” i look them dead in the face and say “you wish you were that sexy” and turn back around to watch the game and thus I am STILL ground (technically) until the next world cup.

Can you tell me what online shop? I am going to be cosplay as FEM! Soccer Spain at a con this year in March and i’d like to get a jersey.

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