Hanzo – Overwatch – DIY COSPLAY SHOP

That’d be problematic since they couldn’t give the same silhouette to both genders and it’d give a hitbox advantage for some heroes. Like say female roadhog.

Would you guys mind linking to where you bought the boots online? I’m making a mercy cosplay and I’d love to find tall boots I can add armor to! Thanks!

I’ll definitely refer to this when I make my own. For the sash though: why not make it long, tie off the bow on one end, and put the clips under the bow and the free end?

You guys should do something with doctor strange to celebrate the release like make the eye of agmatto or an entire cosplay would be really cool.

but why Hanzo? why not a female charactor more iconic like D.va or Tracer. but i cant complain, it really fits the character her having an Asian look to her but would’ve looked better if her breasts were smaller haha, but great cosplay and looks cool.

The cosplay costumes I would like to see would be a couples one of both Jean Grey and Cyclopes from the X-Men. Jean’s pink and blue uniform, and Cyclopes’s blue uniform with the yellow belt and should belt.

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