Full Torso Female Breastplate Cosplay Tutorial : Mercy Overwatch

I really want to do a mercy cosplay but had no idea where to even start on it!! XD I follow you on facebook, and saw it there first, but figured I’d thank you and ask a question here. so when you are working with worbla, how do you keep it from being so finicky? like bubbling, folding where it’s not supposed to, thinning out in areas, and when you sandwich pieces, having it stick to itself but also making the edges look clean?? Any advice with working with it?

For Mercy the sizing doesn’t have to be exact since her armor doesn’t wrap around her body. It really just depends on what you’re making.

I used the same method for my Hilde breastplate and it did wrap around me. It’s two pieces that buckle on the sides so you can add some extra room to adjust there, or you can form it on a slightly bigger mannequin. There are also custom body forms that you can buy or make. So you pretty much have an exact replica of your body.

So grateful for this video, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to do the breast plate for weeks now. But my question is, where did the under suit come from? Rpc studios? Or a lycra suit company like that?

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