From the Forge – Making Grommash Hellscream

They had a good story, great zones, good questing system with the chapters, good raids but it could have been so much more, not that we got Timeless shitland 2.0 aka Taanan Jungle because that sucked, but maybe another raid or two like if you would have a Magnaron raid in Gorgrond or a raid in Spires of Arak where you stop the Arakkoa in a raid not in a dungeon or if you stop Ner’zhul in a void like raid and not still in a dungeon since he’s a huge lore character and deserves more light in the spot in my opinion.

I don’t actually know why people ‘re saying WoD isn’t good. I’m still enjoying playing it. The story is great, new capabilities are great, new locations, missions and other stuff is also great. In my opinion WoW is worth buying. You can try it by purchasing Battlechest Wow which contains every single chronicle + 30 days of subscription. I highly recommend this game!

the technology is not there yet to print something like that, when 3d printing large objects it is very easy to make interlocking smaller peices since all you have to do is cut up your model in a program.

yes i had, and i certainly didnt mean it is better or worse then what is currently is. However you have to realise that it had been ten years, and things need to change. I like the game at where it is at now, and I do hate how people just straight up deny everything about what the game has become. If you dislike it, dont play it and enjoy your game on your vanilla server, real tired of how people keep spamming vanilla stuff everywhere.

He takes a more important play in Warcraft 3 by leading the invasion on the night elves, Cenarius and killing Mannoroth, not in Warcraft 2, in that one it is more about the North, with the fundation of the Northern Alliance and Thrall liberating the orcs.

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