Finishing my Junkrat Cosplay [Overwatch]

Now typically I’d see this as “hey look at my tits” but you didn’t go the easy route of ordering a skin tight D.VA suit off amazon. You made a female JunkRat, an amazing female JunkRat at that. This doest feel like hey look at my tits, it’s hey look at my raw talent and passion. Well done, bloody well done.

I love cosplay work logs. Thanks for putting in all the extra time and effort to make these videos! Sometimes I feel like I should record my work too, but man, it seems so inconvenient…and I’d always be worried about getting my camera dirty. I don’t know how you do it!

That is fantastic, but I agree with you on the frustration of attaching the rip tire. I’m going to be making my own Junkrat but I can’t figure out how to attach it once made. I’ve had this issue with other cosplays. How did you go about it?

you inspired me to do Junkrat costume of my own. this seems to be not THAT complicated to make, but looks really good. i especially like the emotions in last minutes of the video, crazy and cute the same time.

I actually have a question about the bra thingy ma jig! What’d you make it out of? I did a genderbend Khal Drogo and tried to wrap and pin fabric around my chest but it kept falling over and over again… hoping you have a solution?

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