Final Fantasy XIV Summoner

I love this costume. Carbuncle is the main reason I decided to play Summoner. I have wanted to have a Carbuncle ever since I saw him in FFXI. I do have a suggestion for the tail… Make it more flow-y.

I also enjoy this job. Ever since I lvl’d it, it has become my main. I like having the ability to “place” the summon. I use it all the time with Garuda. We definitely need more summons. Having Diablos would be a cool addition.

I think the main issue people have with the Summoner is simply prominence. The idea behind summoning is that you bring a ringer to the fight, not just a companion. While the -egis look cool, they don’t look powerful and imposing, and largely support the summoner itself instead of vice-versa. A quick fix would be graphical, but that might become a burden during large fights.

Love the video and the matching outfit SMN is my fav too. I’m waiting on Dark Knight to come out. Most people issue with SMN is the lack of bloodpacts like in ffxi. (please for the love of god SE don’t add bloodpacts) and also that the pets don’t look like the primals. I find I use Garuda-Egi as it’s easier to manage her heath.

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