Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Tour of Eorzea, Duty Finder, Lightning

yep, im fighitng this on the official forums tooth and nail. Unfortunetly the community does not help push this issue. They actually have just attacked me, tyring to troll me, but I dont care. I will keep pushing this issue until the developers get their heads out of their asses and make this happen.

I apologize if you guys covered this already, but a friend of mine would like to know about the PS3 players. Like for ex: Their accounts will be transferred from PS3 to PS4, but will they be required to purchasing the game again? Second question: Can anyone please explain to me about the PS4 PS Plus situation? Has Yoshi-P said anything new about the matter? If PS4 players will need to pay for both PS+ and ARR sub? Thank you for the future replies and assistance!

To be honest the type of responses I received from the Beta community in the forums are very dissapointing. I have always heard how good the FF community was, but the responses prove to the contraire.No ideas on how to reach a compromise to please everyone or decent logical arguments. Just responses of who cares, suck it up and pretty much screw the PS3 community. If this is the attitude of both the developing team and players, they should reconsider cross plataform gameplay imo.

Probably off topic, got into a heated debate over at the oficial forums about PS3 voice chat, mostly due to PC players who like to talk shit when they dont plan to play the game on the PS3. What are your thoughts about the lack of voice chat on the PS3, specially when console players cannot download voice chat software? Do you think it would affect gameplay that much that it cannot be integrated? Is it fair to ask ppl to use a pc or buy a table just to be able to voice chat while playing?

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