FFXIV Summoner Cosplay

I’d like to add one thing to the pattern making process: do not wrap one single strip of tape all the way around your leg. You will end up making it too tight, which is not only extremely uncofortable but it also pushes whatever chub you have in your limb up or down, messing up your shape. For a snug but comfortable fit I like to put the tape on vertically instead of horizontally, though kamui’s method of taping two pieces horizontally seems to work too.

Just to put my reaction into perspective, the thumb nail made these look like tights. I’m completely blown away by the effort put into these. Like, I know cosplay really is a time-exhaustive labor of love, but it’s another thing all together to see how much skill is put into this.

how do you always have such seamless worbla sandwich pieces? Every time i try to cut out the craft foam details, then sandwich them in worbla, i have to cut away from the edge of the actual piece, for fear it may come apart. It always result in ugly seams around my pretty details.

I was very excited with Symmetra cosplay, but I screamed when I saw this video. You’re producing all my favourite things! I play WHM on FFXIV. Maybe when I find a glam I like, I’ll think of cosplaying her too Such a great example! It makes me want to try!

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