Every Finalist from BlizzCon’s Cosplay Contest – IGN Access

When I was watching this live I was like “I dunno if I agree with the 1st place winner.” And then they talked to him and he said that it was made entirely of leather. And then I was like “DAYUM!” Very impressive craftsmanship.

Seriously, when you put some of these cosplays next to one another there is absolutely no contest. Take the guy who made a Lich King armor (I think that’s what it is at 2:26) then check out the dude at 2:40. Sure, I mean, it looks fine if it was a simple costume in the first place, but there isn’t as much work put into it as the other big, amazing armors some people made.

amazing how the first cosplays started a couple of years ago and the evolution of costumes has become insane. so much detail and love to every character each one tries to represent. amazing costumes. i love the imperius one. but kerrigan and winston were cool too.

You’d think that the heavier people…wouldn’t chose a character that is slim or slender.But nope. Instead they just look like that character, that was however stung by a million bees all over.While impressive some of these are, you’d also think that making an outfit that was more mobile so you don’t appear to have a stiff back with a load of shit in your pants as all your “gear” is jiggling around…would be a priority.

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