Every Cosplayer From Blizzcon’s Costume Contest – IGN Access

I appreciate it, I really do. Cosplayers do some amazing work, especially those featured in this video. Truly some of the best of the best from across the globe, so I was pretty honored to be among them even if I felt my work wasn’t that great. Although it was amusing to be the most functionally armoured person in a room of “plate” wearers.

Costume contest only has so many contestant entry spots, and additional for walk ons. So not everyone you see on stage made it into the actual contest.

That was a pretty bloody bad performance they put on, haha. I’m not sure if it was more cringey though it was definitely more fail. The presenter in the overwatch competitions panel didn’t have any technical issues, it was just him on the stage by himself. He was making really unfunny jokes, he mixed up the order of the cards he was reading from and repeatedly asked the ‘overlords in his ear’ to help him out. He was falling apart and you can’t help but feel second hand embarrassment for the guy.

TheGameYouJustLost well i recall seeing that name its been a long time since i played those games but a crusader that hated me in diablo 1 was name johas so that could have been it to mhhh quite curious isnt it.

You don’t know the mechanics of this particular contest yet you make a pretty confident statement based on your judgment of the facial reactions you see in a few seconds of a clip. As a former winner of this contest I can assure you the results are not fixed. The reason they don’t look “surprised” is because this part of the contest is just the catwalk. The judging is done at an earlier time in the day, when the judges have the opportunity to get up close and personal with every costume. By the time the winner is announced publicly onstage, the winners have already been staged and prepared for their victory walk backstage.

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