In a world where things are going awry, Black Rock Shooter Beast finds herself to be one of the few left remaining, reminiscing past events and realms; featuring the world of League of Legends, Skyrim, and Monster Hunter. Join her as she recollects the past, while looking to the future with hope.

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All of you people saying that the girl cosplaying Ashe is ugly, she’s not. She’s absolutely beautiful and you people saying that shit makes you look like you have an ugly personality for saying something like that about somebody.

Cosplay hate is a really sad thing. the ashe is an amazing cosplayer and seriously all of their cosplays must have taken them a long time to prepare so hate needs to stop. Cosplays are really great but ashe was my favorite omg. Lets all be honest cosplaying is a hobby not a compition on the looks and if youre actually the character you are cosplaying. No way possible could someone look physically exactly like a character.

i would like to know who is the girls that doing ashe because i see her in a lot of video and she always in a character of League of Legend…. i would like to know where she buy is costume or in what website she take the materials for is costume or just too know where she goes in cosplay event … i know its in united states but i would like more information about her please!

Ok, I like cosplay like all of you, but when you show it to public you have to fit photogenic face into costume. I’m not saying that someone is ugly. I do appreciate the hard work of them to make theese costumes!

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