Emerald City Comicon takes place in Seattle and features cosplay, celebrities, autographs, contests, vendors, panels and more.
Huge thanks to AUTODESK​ and INTEL Realsense​ Technology for making these videos possible!

Gauge – our first con videos and Modern War Gear Solid were shot on the Canon 7d. The t2i and it’s sequels had similar video guts (though I preferred the 7d button layout). Then we upgraded to the Canon 5dmk3 which had a bigger sensor (I think Katsucon 2013 was our first video with that). We also shot Mario Warfare with that. And this is the first video we filmed with the Sony a7s ii. It’s also the first vid we edited in Premiere (we’re still learning). For the entirety of this channel we used the old Final Cut Pro.
I rely a lot on lens selection.
There used to be a videographer named AcksonL that had amazing steadicam movements in his cosplay videos, but I think he took down his vids.

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