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Hanzo’s tattoo covers his entire arm and this one is just the front so I’m gonna guess that it’s just a fake one plus he probably only does that once a year at most. Also, this game has been out for a year so a real tattoo should look more sound and have a bit of a sheen to it. That would be my thoughts on it but regardless, whoever did this was a god of an artist if it actually is fake because there’s not even a line around the work.

Its fake, its actually like 8 different fake tattoos merged into one that he copied over into photoshop himself. It’s about 30$ every time he wants to wear the cosplay, and has done it multiple times so far this year – but def worth it in our opinion. I am tattoo applier helper, its a pain lining all the sheets up correctly on his arm lmao.

The music is awesome, it makes it feel like everyone is happy. People are doing what they love, not a care in the world. The pain, anguish and uncertainty of this world melt away, whilst people focus on being happy, and making others smile.

Great vid for this years event, we are surprised we didn’t run into since we were both at the fallout shoot together lol We are still going through footage, posting soon hopefully. See ya at the next con.

Great video, thanks for filming and sharing the cosplay, it is definitely one of the funnest aspects of the convention and I am very glad so many people go to the expense, time, and effort to participate. The only thing preventing me from going again is that it’s gotten so crowded. I wish they’d move Dragon Con to the Atlanta World Congress Center instead of having it spread out among the hotels. It was crowded when I attended a decade ago, and it’s gotten so much more so.

With the booming film industry in Atlanta, the increasing number of sci fi shows on the regular networks, Dragon Con is going to continue to grow in attendance, if they move it, they can expand the number of vendors, etc. that can attend and the size of some of the events.

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