Doing What We Love: The League of Legends Cosplay Community

We hit the ground at PAX East 2015 to learn what drives all that passion in the cosplay community. From a gender-bending Vi, to a full Pool Party crew, these players share how embodying your favorite champion can open up a whole new world of friendship.

I love this community. This is probably the reason I stay. The trolls and feeders and assholes all tempt me to just leave, but there are actually genuinely nice people in the League community, I just haven’t met them yet.

This made me so happy. Ive been putting off my League cosplays because Im always so afraid people would get mad if I didnt LOOK like the character or didnt have the armor or cosplay to the T. Now I really want to finish them and go to a convention!

I only have dressed up as one of my favorite characters on Halloween and it happened to be Ken Kaneki for the show Tokyo ghoul. You can see someone cosplaying as him at around 4:18. I only had the mask and wig and had to improvise so I grabbed a few black clothes and some white tape and I finished it. I had the best Halloween costume that year. Next year, I’ll probably go as Kakashi Hatake from Naruto.

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