You didn’t even get the reference…whatever, just something to suspect from one of her white knights that still think they have a shred of a chance with her.

This ain’t the day of D.Va. her day starts off doing her hair, putting on outfit, fuel her mech, and fly to Overwatch H.Q and have a party with Solder 76, Winston, Ana, and food. That’s all in her days of Overwatch. That’s all. Literally. That’s all.

Whoa I can’t even tell the difference you are like the real-deal. There are so many characters I would Cosplay from movies and Video Games as: Boba Fett, (80’s) RoboCop, Gray Fox (complete with that arm cannon he had), Solid Snake.

To this day, I just keep asking myself, why do some people use their indexes to operat the left and right triggers on controllers, as well as the bumper buttons? It’s so unintuitive. You could easily keep using the middle finger for the trigger and the index for the bumper… Like, why the hell?

3:36 look at that impression when she drank some of the mountain dew.. she found it disgusting then she clipped out the part and suddenly more of the mountain dew was gone.. she threw all that mountain dew in the sink later..

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