Dark Valkyrie Diana – Cosplay Progress – League of Legends

The costume was done in one week, while around 5 hours of the work was documented with a GoPro (mainly mounted to my head). Riot Games was in charge for the editing and showcased the final video at GamesCom 2014 in their “Cosplay Village”.

I would say she makes a lot of money off the books she sells, the appearances she does and the photos she also sells. I guess being a professional cos-player pays good. I’m just glad she shows how she does stuff so others can see and learn. Not like Ya Ya who never shows how she makes things.

what is the “white” that you are sanding on the weapon. Rather, I suppose i should ask what did you add to the foam. The video skips from sanding down the foam of the weapon, to sanding the hardened white stuff. (so what happen in between, what did you use) thanks!

I’ve just started to ‘play’ with worbla for a month ago, i’m not really happy with my skills yet, but your videos helps me A LOT. I appreciate every single one of them! So awesome and helpfull, i hope to see more!

I love your videos and all the details you put into your work, but worbler (is that how its spelt?) is expensive, is there any other way to make detailed work like this without having to use worbler?

Can you tell me the name of the material used for the golden applications on the fabric? It doesn’t seem like normal golden fabrik, cuase you were ironing it. I need some gold edges for the clothings I’m going to sew, so I was wondering how you made yours.

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