Cosplay Remix: STAR WARS

I now have the urge to make my own custom Mandalorian armor. Question is, should I make it look like it was made out of Monster Hunter monster parts (I’m thinking Rathalos armor), or should I make it Metroid themed and make the arm cannon look like a full-on weaponized prosthetic limb instead of a gun over a forearm?

Why is there always like no lukes hes my fave character and no one ever does him! hes got so many outfits too, i wouldve thought he would be the obvious character to cosplay.

The thing I like about Star Wars is that so many people like it so that there is a higher change for more unique cosplays like there are shown here.

This is a lovely cosplay video! Thanks for this! Me and a friend are planning on cosplaying for London MCM this year as Star Wars characters and this video makes me so excited to meet such a creative, lovely bunch of Star Wars cosplayers! I demand more!

I believe that the particular convention in the beginning of the video is Dragoncon (one of the best fantasy/ sci-fi conventions to my knowledge) Google conventions in your local area, the big ones are usually hosted in larger cities Hope this helps!

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