Cosplay Remix: COSPLAY KIDS

I just wish that there were more dark skinned anime characters. It’s harder for me because I’m tan and I have a hard time cosplaying because so many are white!

I went to Stan lee’s comickaze last year when I was 11 it ruled I saw a heck of a lot of my favorite characters from sword art online, Steven universe, 5naf, naruto, sonic, and more!

If you talking about the kid holding up the sword with the red cross thing on his chest? Think that might be He-Man. But if it’s the one before that, I believe you are right.

The Sora, Vash, Pit, and Hiro Hamada at the end of the video are all the same little boy, and he’s my son! He loved this video, BDB, thanks for all of the features, and how adorable are all of the other little ones?! It makes me smile all the way through!

I went to Sabakon in Vegas last year, went to a Homestuck panel. There was this little kid in the back, looked no more than 8, dressed like Jake English. At the end the guys running the panel called him up and asked everybody to give him a hand for how good he looked.

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