Cosplay Girls With Handcuffs, Elder Scrolls Online, Hitman Absolution, Elite: Dangerous and more

Well if thats the case then its not really an MMO, its more like a normal rpg with mp options, like diablo. so i doubt it. they said in the video that they only had 1 server and they would put ppl together in a smart way based on guild,friendlist,area. In this video theyre talking about F2P or P2P, further going into the fact that its an MMO, I could be wrong and I hope i am, but i dont think i am.

Elderscrolls Online Alpha was SWEET, ill tell you only haveing 1 huge server and 3 factions is amazing, and the fact they are makeing it a skill based game and not turn based is a great step to breaking the WoW Formula that alot of MMO’s seem to follow.

Thats pretty much what they are making, if you watch the vid they are saying how what you do changes the world for you just like the old games except you have the “option” to team up with others.

The thing about TES Online that I find annoying is how they seem to have absolutely no creativity or passion put into that thing what so ever, it makes me want to believe it’s some kind of troll to surprise us. But I seriously have no idea what they’re doing, if it really is what it appears to be, it’s just very very lame and unworthy of the franchise name. Also why they take those military video games so seriously is beyond my understanding.

thank you very much for your very informative gaming news. i used to use layne on for my gaming news but now because of your gaming news i know more about the gaming universe than i have ever had. i love how you also include hardware information keep at it. and gotta love the cute girl addons.

Great show! I have never heard of Kings Bounty, but you guys made me want to check it out real bad! Also, very nice of you to make a shoutout to TBs show, it’s pure quality! Keep up the amazing work guys, you help the gaming community more than any other Youtuber!

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