Cosplay Boom: Star Wars

it’s amazing when I was little I was bullied at school I didn’t have many friends but then one day one of my friends was part of a group called 501st Legion and he asked me if I wanted to join and I joined and all of a sudden I have a whole bunch of friends then I got my costume and then I became a AT AT driver and now I’m around and seeing the world with my friends and living my life to the fullest.

I’m a teen but I still love star wars but it’s scary cuz I feel like I’m gonna get bullied but after this I’ve realized no matter what people are going to judge you and it doesn’t matter what they think.

I never had too many friends at school and my dad had left my mum before i was born, so I would often just spend my time playing by myself with my Star Wars toys and games when I was at home. Then when I was 5 my uncle took me to a Star Wars convention and I got to have a photo with Vader and Boba (my favourite character) 🙂 it was a great day, now I can’t wait to finish my Mandalorian armour and join the merc’s so I can make other people feel the same way I felt on that day.

if you are going to make the full suit, including the helmet, that is going to take about a 6 months to a year. I made a stormtrooper helmet, and that alone took 3 months to make. By the way what suit are you planning to build? Stormtrooper, mandolorian, ect.

I just wish I had a lot of money to get these cosplaying costumes and armor, or even just be as creative as some of these people. I wish i could learn how to craft some of these suit.

I have still got alot of years left until i can come but i hope i can manage to make a costume and make friends that i could team with at cosplays of other things! A while ago there was a chippenham sci fi, wasnt too big, but it was amazing and i just wanted to do this! Is it weird that i want to do this?

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