Comikaze Best Cosplay 2015 #ThatCosplayShow

Hey Mr pace I have a theory. Several of the cosplayers mention a guy bowling ball grabbing, chunking their butt, or the Tomb Raider girls assets getting raided. I think this man is the Batman who grabbed Anti Ai Chans butt in the half an hour Batman grabs Robins ass story. That’s my theory at least.

Captain Cold pronounced Ra’s al Ghul’s name wrong. It’s pronounced RaySh. It’s an Arabic name meaning demon head or head of the demon. I hate when people pronounce it wrong. Ra’s al Ghul is too bad ass of a character for his name to be mispronounced.

this kind of shit still allowed in San Diego? Because as far as i know its ban at NYCC and other comic cons, i just dont understand how someone could feel no shame walking around like that in a place where parents bring their kids/teens. I dont get how it doesnt fall under their code of conduct which lists public behavior and common courtesy.

Also, are these hot chicks in cosplay outfits porn stars trying to expand their brand? Or are they paid by companies to be there? Or, are these model wannabe’s hoping that with some exposure they might earn money or get youtube famous? Someone please explain this to me. Because although I love what they are doing, it sure is confusing my 37 year old brain.

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