‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ Cosplayer Is Turning Heads And Making Ladies Swoon

Thanks to the worldwide mainstreaming of Japanese animation (known as anime) and comic books, the art of costume play (known as cosplay) has become more accepted in society. The Inquisitr reported on both the good and the bad pertaining to the hobby, the people who partake in it (cosplayers), and events (conventions). Unfortunately, acceptance of cosplay has created a perceived view of consent. This is because some of the characters cosplayers portray might omit sexual perceptions. It doesn’t help that even today, some people mock cosplay in its many forms. Recently, cosplayers at a furry convention were hurt from an intentional gas leak and when news anchor Mika Brzezinski reported on it, she lost her cool and ran out of the studio.

Jack Sparrow Featured

Despite the mixed reactions from people, cosplay is here and for some people, it is a professional career. One such professional cosplayer, for example, portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow, the popular character from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, flawlessly. From basics like clothing and a wig to more intricate details like skin tone and facial hair, most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell if the cosplayer or Johnny Depp were in the costume. However, there is one surprising detail about the cosplayer that will totally blow your mind — the male cosplay is done by a girl!

You heard it right! According to Cosplay Kotaku, this fantastic portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is done by professional cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha. From what she has said, it took her some time to create her Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay, touching up the costume, trying to get it where she wants it to be. Alyson must be a stickler for detail because the endeavor spanned five years!

Jack Sparrow

For some of you, seeing someone convincingly portray a character the gender opposite their own is new. For others, such is regulated to film (Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Big Mama’s House, The Nutty Professor). However, this is nothing new in the cosplay world. Crossplay — a portmanteau of the cross-dressing and cosplay — is quite popular. At conventions, many women portray male anime and comic characters and vice versa for men. What makes Alyson Tabbitha’s case so unique is how convincing she is as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Just recently, Alyson Tabbitha had a photo shoot done as Captain Jack Sparrow with photographer Stephie Joy. Below are just some of the pictures from that shoot, but if you want to see all of them, check out Stephie’s official Facebook page.

Alyson Tabbitha

Now that you’ve seen the pictures of Alyson Tabbitha cosplaying as Captain Jack Sparrow, what do you think? Are you impressed with how much she looks like the lead character from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? Were you fooled in thinking the cosplayer was a man?

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