Calgary League of Legends Cosplay Holiday Special

Yet another local League of Legends get together, but with a Christmas twist. I really enjoyed filming this one, it was a nice counterpoint to the pool party in the summer. This video was shot entirely on a Sony a7s and I took the opportunity to try out the slog2 gamma mode and applying a cinematic LUT for colour grading. Let me know if you like/dislike the new look.

There’s yet more George and Jonathan love in this video. The songs are “The Best Christmas (Michael Berkman Remix)” and “Snow Bunnies” Both songs are from their Christmas album “The Best Christmas”. You can download the entire album along with many other awesome songs at their Bandcamp.

Disclaimer: This video was created for hobby purposes and the creator has not received any compensation, monetary or otherwise. The creator does not have any association with Riot Games nor does this video represent the views of Riot Games. Please support the musical artists featured in this video.

Wow, kinda sad i don’t know anybody in the cosplaying league scene in calgary. Invite me sometime!! I’ll most likely be a dragon fist lee sin during either ota or comiccon hit me up.

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