I really really love how beatdownboogie actually uses different body shapes and skin tones in his cosplay videos! All the other ones just have really skinny white girls.

You look great with the new hair cut…Heh I love the Lenovo reference Heh my job is in a litttle bit of everything these days. Man I still have a ways to go to get to that Beat Down lvl but its always good to see you guys.

It doesn’t matter if there is worse, when you spend 15 seconds staring at some random girl with orange skin and shorts on but spend 2 seconds looking at the individual with an actual cosplay that took effort and looks good. That’s idiotic and horrible cinema photography.

I’m curious about the story behind the guys in US Army camo with patches that look like half US flags and half German flags. There is an additional shoulder patch visible on the women on the right at 03:04 but I can’t make out the text on it. Anyone recognize this or were those just some soldiers that happened to turn up in uniform (which IIRC isn’t supposed to be worn in your free time though), but that still wouldn’t explain the patches. Sure we (I’m German) are NATO allies, but I’ve never seen mixed flag patches before.

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