Blood Elf | World of Warcraft | Makeup Tutorial

I will admit that, sadly, I do not play World of Warcraft – mainly because I don’t trust myself with a subscription game. I think I’d become consumed by it and be unable to leave it alone because I was spending money on it haha

The artwork for the game is quite beautiful though I do not know if any of the in game Blood Elves have these markings, but the concept art I found that had them were so breath taking I just had to go for it!

I can only imagine the amount of time this took but in the end it was well worth it. The results of your labor of love are stunning. You always seem to be able to capture every detail no matter how tiny in your looks and that effort is what sets you apart from a lot of other make up and even canvas artist. I am curious what do you do after you create each look? Do you just take pictures after filming the tutorial and then wash it off or do you wear them around for a bit? Once again magnificent job!

Love the eyebrows and the markings show your saint-like patience. I also love how much of your personality came through in this one. Both through your voice and the little sigh right before you dive into the markings. Lets the internet get to know the Megzy I know and love.

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