BlizzCon 2016 Warcraft Cosplay Compilation

To get a idea of how Cosplay is made check my page. I have a playlist of some of the most talented people here on YouTube that show you just how to make epic cosplay! Maybe you might find one of them inspirational and subscribe to them.

the Grom custome was made by Mike Biasi, and worn by Steven Scott on the his request. He couldnt attend this time around but wanted his creation there.

We need to ban Warlocks, their extremist demonology views caused the Legion invasion, that being said, we should also build a wall around The Eastern Kingdoms so those dirty gnomes stop stealing our classes, while we’re at it, make the Horde pay for it.

I’m really impressed with that Grom Hellscream. It looks great. Illidan and the stormwind guard were really well made.. I really hate genderbent characters. They never really look right to me.

hats off to everyone who showed not only amazing spirit for US, Blizzard and WOW at Blizzcon 2016 with breathtaking costume creations, choice of music for this post etc etc.

The female who dressed as Medivh and the person who dressed as Wrathion is totally badassed. Especially the female on the thumb. Honestly, she looked like she was animated lol.

It is so beautiful that WoW offers such a release for people. Blizzard is, hands down, the greatest videogame developer to have ever existed. Whether or not you agree with every move they’ve made, you cannot discredit the amount of support that they give to their games and players.

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