Blizzcon 2016 Most Epic Cosplays

Blizzcon 2016, showing off some of the most epic, clever and gigantic cosplays of the convention scene so of course we couldn’t resist grabbing our camera and try to show off all the talented people as best we could. Featuring cosplays from Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3 and Starcraft.

Also the lore of the blizzard games is quite comprehensive, so people get sucked into the worlds created. They are truly fans, where half ass lore, game with out proper story telling and world that is not saying anything to viewer will hinder the dedication of the fan. Even if the they like the game, there is not emotional investment in place.

Edward Cerrato Some images were already on the internet before her release in the BlizzCon. Idk if it was an error from Blizzard or not, but we already knew what was her appearance since 3-4 months now.

That’s so amazing! I’ve only just started learning how to make armor and stuff for my costumes (I’m more of a sewer) so seeing all the cool stuff people have done with it is amazing and inspiring.

I have nothing against this, but why are so many girls cosplaying male characters? Like it’s self-aware and funny when it’s Reaper in a too too, but girls unironically cosplaying Hanzo, 76 & etc. just isn’t authentic and kinda defeats the purpose of cosplay.

I’m guessing you’re new to cosplaying? Well, in the cosplay world we live by two rules: “Cosplay isn’t consent” and “Anyone can cosplay”. What the second rule means is that you can have a 89 year old man cosplaying Mercy, and our community would still accept the cosplayer and admire their skills and crafting rather than basically say to all of the girls who cosplay males, “You have boobs, so no you can’t be the character you want to be.” and males vice versa. 🙂 Please don’t disregard those who genderbend.

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