Blizzcon 2016.Costume Contest

This guy is funny and all, but I think it really shows that it’s not as good to have someone who’s famous as someone who actually knows any of this stuff and is an actual fan.

He ended it with insulting them too then praising Blizz right before shaming Blizz for the wrong color confetti. Such a weird guy and all over the place.

The effort put forth in each of these costumes, from most impressive to still incredible is astounding. Step out of your egos for a moment and appreciate the fact that some folks took the time and effort to bring their fantasies to life. In simpler terms; show some respect or show yourself the door.

They’ve really outdone themselves this year. Even the obligatory stripper Arthas looked like she walked out of a Louis Royo artwork. They could change the host though.

Where is the Showcased Sombra outfit? That was by far the best IMO. Also the Reinhardt at the end, not competing, was kinda awesome definetly 3rd place 2nd place was though very desirved. She looked so hot in that Varyan armor. God Bless the man who gets to get that costume off of her.

they all look impressive even loved the furries… I know mostly kids but like to see more older adults on stage… really incredible winners as well I wouldnt not want to be one of the judges.

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