BlizzCon 2013 Costume Contest Winners

Great to hear! It will take some time to upload the panels and main events but I try to upload something everyday. Made this channel mainly ’cause of BlizzCon and Hearthstone so stay tuned!

are you guys serious? She was an innovator in cosplay when she popularized worbla as a cosplay material. She is a leader of the community in accessible methods of armor and prop building and a highly respected cosplayer.

Poor paladin girl. One of the few females who covers up and makes her costume look like it could be actual armor and she doesn’t even get mentioned. Her armor looks beautiful.

If you knew anything about the cosplayer, you’d know her costume involves references to 3 major blizzard games. It’s half Diablo 3 wizard and half Protoss unit with a weapon from world of Warcraft. Also note it’s BLIZZcon, not WoWcon. They don’t need to wear WoW costumes to win or even to be considered to win.

I love how everyone is shitting on the winner. She worked extremely hard on her costume and made EVERYTHING by HAND. Go to her facebook page and I DARE you to say what you scumb bags have been saying on here. She deserved to win. The others were not original like hers, hence why she won. So suck it up haters.

she won with body which is AMAZING, i was drooling and i rarely do that, amazing body of that svetlana and well done with the costium on top of that, but i feel like the barbarian guy could get honorable mention as well.

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