Bleach Cosplay

Oh my GOD! my friend and i re-watched it after not watching it for three years(we saw it when it was first posted) and it’s still funny as hell!! i used to have the same Pikachu doll, minus the camera.

wow they repeat the same story their battles the pikachu in that this is fucking funny the wind was knocked out of me laughing so hard this video made my day thanks lol XD.

You loud mothe you are really rude in that fact you have no right. I bet you are a loser at home that live with your mothor and dosent what to grow up gust stop this rude coments.

You never expect these things to be any good, but once you get past the lack of likeness to the characters, it was actually very funny. And besides, it’s good to see fans going all out to express their fandom.

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