Bleach Cosplay in Walmart Part 1

Your cosplay isn’t even accurate you idiots. I ACTUALLY know how to do this. Get some knowledge before you go through with something that you expect to be so great.

I know what you mean. I was on Google looking for pictures of Gin….needless to say, I found the picture your talking about Again, sorry to be bothersome.

I don’t mean to be bothersome with all the comments, but are you the one filming or one of the cosplayers in front of the camera? Just curious.

i cosplay its tons of fun. ya feel a lil conspicuous, cause you’re so diff from every1.. but its fun getting attention from them. I myself dont buy my cosplay outfits, i make them. cause the storebought ones, unless they’re made from good quality.. they always look so fake and plastic to me. If you decide to make your cosplay outfits, i suggest using jersey matte material. its VERY comfy. it should be at your local craft store.

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