The Lillinette and younger Nel was just too cute. They did such a good job on presenting the Espada especially the ones that did Starrk and the 2nd Espada (cant think of his name at the moment). Finally, a group that shows some love to the many loyal fraccion of the Espadas.

The Espada are Arrancar… The top 10 most strongest Arrancars are called Espada and they are ranked from 1 to 10 according to their strength (or from 0 to 9 when Yammy releases).

and charlote cuulhorne was black not white. wow some of them are way to tall and no I didn’t need a RETAKE to notice that but omg cosplay auto fail. I mean it’s amazing that people are this dedicated and congrats but… the manga and re watch the anime to see the actual size and height of some of them. Great job though of Cirucci and Nel great attempt with orihime. there are natural red heads in the world that don’t even need to die their hair and can make that look more realistic.

in fact MOST manga’s or anime’s never draw actual ORIENTAL PEOPLE, with the exception of maybe and I emphasis and even highly stress the maybe of soi feng, Lisa, Rukia ) maybe unless you can find a really short version of Kristen stewart) and nanao, I would say that MOST other anime and manga (except for blood plus where the main character IS japanese) they never look oriental, they look too foreign.

don’t troll or hate me for saying this, I never apologize for my feelings or my absolutely honest and rather blunt opinions but when it comes to anime and more specifically to THIS particular anime, the background music is AWESOME but just because a person is oriental does NOT make them a candidate for cosplay. sometimes it actually makes the cosplay FAIL example is the first 3 and your main focus right here, Aizen, Tosen, and Gin. the anime and manga makes them look anything BUT oriental.

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