Best Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 – Marvel, DC, Disney, Girls & More

The Dark Helmet costume is my favorite. I only wished it could have been like the original instead of the sexed up Halloween type of costume. Not that I’m complaining all that much cause her body is banging! but you can barley make out the tie and it’s one of the parts that makes the costume.

the fact you are comparing 2 very different styles of cosplay means you have no idea what cosplaying is. nigri is a sexy cosplayer. everything she does is just bra and panties with some dangly bits attached to it. if you ever compare her to somebody make sure they are doing a similar cosplay. not a badass armor vs sexy body matchup. dont get me wrong, nothing wrong with either version and in all honesty i really wish nigri would do more badass armor ones because she has the talent and skill to make something amazing. cosplay is an interpretive artform where people can either exactly copy and paste a character or make them in their own unique way. no reason to say “oh your version sucks vs this professional cosplayers”.

i wasn’t disappointed with the video but i was expecting this to be a video of interviewing people. i also have seen the 2 girls dressed in monster high cosplay in an interview with Ben Pace lol.

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