Best Cosplay Girls of Comic-Con 2016

Let’s be honest, he just interview the hot girls and not the cool cosplayers, I mean I’m not complaining but it would be better if they show some awesome cosplay too.

Cammy has the most perfect round bubble buts there! She looks awesome in her cosplay as Cammy & she has such a cute friendly personality. I added her to my instagram after she commented here.

We’ll if holly has problems getting into USA playboy because of Visa problems, then how come she can get into those other countries Playboy magazines? How does that work?

Oh look, Jessica Nigri with her boobs hanging out. Wonder if she will ever make a costume that is accurate to the character without over sexualizing it just to get attention.

I like how I recognized Jessica Nigri in an instant, despite of her costume. I also like to tell myself it’s because of her eyes. No, really There are a lot of similar oobs out there one could confuse… but Jessicas eyes are unique.

We´re not randos, and we´re not pawns. We are smarter, and more educated than you, and all we are asking for is the average amount of respect that is due any human being, you racist asshole. Those that impede evolution cause revolutions.

I’m always wondering, are most of these women hookers? I’m not trying to insult anyone, I like what I see but I can’t believe women are running around nerds almost naked and have fun.

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