Battle for Azeroth: Things to Customize Your Mythic+ Keystone

In today’s Battle for Azeroth construct, we’ve found several new items that seem to enable you to modify or develop your own personal customized Mythic+ Keystone picking the Dungeon, Keystone Level, and Affixes.

Currently, on live servers, players are at the mercy of RNG when attempting to get a dungeon they want. In addition, as a way to downgrade a keystone, players ought to reset a dungeon numerous times dropping a keystone a single level at a time. We discovered items to set the precise dungeon and keystone level that you just want, in addition to adding your personal affixes
We’re not positive if you are going to be changing an existing Keystone, or you are going to be applying these to a blank keystone, but listed below are the items that we located that can customize a keystone.

These may even be added in the pre-patch since they reference Legion Dungeons.

Set Keystone Level
Ever wish you might set your keystone directly to a 15? For all those who push keys, you could be able to set your key straight for the level you wish to attempt!
Set Keystone Level: 15
Set Keystone Level: 16
Set Keystone Level: 17
Set Keystone Level: 18
Set Keystone Level: 19
Set Keystone Level: 20
Set Keystone Level: 21
Set Keystone Level: 22
Set Keystone Level: 23
Set Keystone Level: 24
Set Keystone Level: 25
Set Keystone Level: 26
Set Keystone Level: 27
Set Keystone Level: 28
Set Keystone Level: 29
Set Keystone Level: 30

Set Keystone Map
These Items seem to let you set your Mythic Keystone which you want. Hate a particular dungeon? You’ll hopefully have the ability to prevent it!
Set Keystone Map: Maw of Souls
Set Keystone Map: Reduce Karazhan
Set Keystone Map: Upper Karazhan
Set Keystone Map: Halls of Valor
Set Keystone Map: Eye of Azshara
Set Keystone Map: Cathedral of Eternal Night
Set Keystone Map: Court of Stars
Set Keystone Map: Seat on the Triumvirate
Set Keystone Map: The Archway
Set Keystone Map: Black Rook Hold
Set Keystone Map: Vault in the Wardens
Set Keystone Map: Darkheart Thicket

Add Keystone Affix
This could possibly be one of the fascinating addition. Even though it’s not clear if you’ll be adding these affixes on best of an existing Keystone, adding a 4th affix, it really is nice to find out some customization and possibly you will be able to attempt a Volcanic, Sanguine, Bursting, Grievous, Teeming, Fortified Important inside the future.
Add Keystone Affix: Teeming
Add Keystone Affix: Volcanic
Add Keystone Affix: Sanguine
Add Keystone Affix: Skittish
Add Keystone Affix: Tyrannical
Add Keystone Affix: Bolstering
Add Keystone Affix: Necrotic
Add Keystone Affix: Quaking
Add Keystone Affix: Raging
Add Keystone Affix: Grievous
Add Keystone Affix: Fortified
Add Keystone Affix: Bursting
Add Keystone Affix: Explosive

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