Batman Cosplay Breaks World Record – Meet the Record Breakers

I’m out of words this suit looks fantastic, I have always said that the Arkham Origins’s suit it’s the best since it looks badass, powerful, functionable for Batman but also real, and by that I mean doable, like if it could really be made by someone some day and I guess I was right because this man just did it and looks amazing. Imagine being hired by Ben for the next Batman movie, that would be amazing, and you know what?? why not?? You got the talent.

I saw smokebombs in the first Batman Keaton film lol. Batfleck had a plethora of gadgets from batarangs, grapnel guns, gun disruptors to frickin bat planes. If anything it’s this guy that learned a thing or two, seeing as he made a costume inspired from a videogame.

Most of it was real, just fight scenes and high action scenes were CGI. And that’s understandable considering it was made of a mostly non workable material that looked amazing.

Being in the public eye must be horrendous because of the childish people that comment gross things about someone’s physic. I bet you can’t even make a mask! I applaud this lucky and brave man that has gone this far becoming worldwide recognized for his great job and making his dream come true. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Up the Irish! I miss Ireland, though.

This suit is to bad add I wish I had it, no joke with those gadgets I would no joke put the suit on with the gadgets and stop crime. I would be a real life batman, thing is you probably think it’s a joke but I actually would if I had this suit, damn it’s so badass.

Wow, that is so cool! In the future, someone’s probably going to try and make a real life functioning Iron Man suit that can do some of the things that he could do in the comics and movies. They are already working on artificial intelligence, which is constantly evolving. Google Now, Siri are basically J.A.R.V.I.S. already.

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