Batfleck Cosplay Update: Gluing Down the bodysuit

Todays the day, Geeks! I’ll be showing you how my buddy Ben and I glued down my Batfleck bodysuit to my Flex Design muscle suit. It was tricky but fun to say the least.

Man you must feel unstoppable when wearing that muscle suit. I know when I wear my Deathstroke suit I feel like I could run through walls but that thing looks like it gives you a lot of confidence.

Your friend is ridiculously tall. When you had the cowl on and you were putting the emblem on the chest it looked like a dad taking his kid out for Halloween. But the suit looks good, needs to be a little darker though.

that outfit looks fantastic well put together. perhaps when you have the finished product you can have a Robin and other bar-family members at your side.

One thing i noticed from behind the scenes of the batman v superman movie and the man of steel movie is that they use a metallic Lycra suit under the main textured suit layer to give it that metallic sheen to it. And that is a thing that I’ve seen many people miss, but your cosplay looks amazing none the less, but a good to know ti for next time i guess.

My mistake. I kind of just assumed that they did the same trick for both of the suits, but thank you for the clarification, and sorry for the misinformation.

so dope! believe it or not I finally watched BVS the other night and despite what people said about the film it was in my opinion really good. so this inspired me to try to tackle making batman’s batarangs out of SHEETMETAL. being an electrician doing construction a lot you come to learn it’s like heaven for a cosplay person. I’m in the early stages but I’ve made some things here and there. watching your videos has inspired me and I’ve learned some things here and there.

You are a lucky sumbitch haha I wish I could afford something like that..I’d be happy to actually have a legit Batsuit, I have my first “legit” cosplay with my Red Hood jacket and vest but that’s about it.

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