Annie League of Legends – Make up Tutorial

Since this is my first tutorial ever, you’ll probably see some mistakes. I’m not a professional makeup artist (duh, I’m 15 xD) and I’m not claiming to be better than anyone else out there. I only made this for fun, since I really love to do make up and to show how I did my make up for this cosplay.

It is a shirt and a skirt. So she made a regular pleated skirt (there are plenty of tutorials on youtube) and then made a pullover style blue shirt, without any sleeves. Later, she sews some balloon sleeves with the same fabric as the skirt to the pullover shirt, so it could look like there’s a dress/shirt underneath it.

Because she didn’t know how to make collars at the time she made my cosplay, I wore a sleeveless buttoned up shirt underneath the blue shirt. The leg warmers, which you can’t see, were knitted by my mom and the backpack was made by me using felt as well as the ears I hope I helped!

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