Stumbled upon your work just recently, after YT suggested me your C90 showcase. After watching few of your works it got me thinking, I remembered seeing a guy with a sweet rig, pulling moves required to get shots like those. Then I stumbled upon this vid and it turned out that it indeed was you! During the Prime vs Ninja part I’m even in the frame for a split second

Rescue the Princess! Looking forward to your coverage of those events Unfortunately, I’m out of Japan for the time being, so my cosplay photography activities are on indefinite hiatus.

The wigs for Ciel Phantomhive come in Grey like that women was wearing or a navy blue color. Also that cosplayer was most certainly wearing a eye patch on her left eye. Anyway that is Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler.

I m going to be genderbent Kaneki for Halloween, and I find that painting his mask on looks a little better if done right than finding a good mask.

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