Anime Expo Best Cosplay 2016 #ThatCosplayShow

Does anyone know what the door prices are for AX 2017 and if you need an adult or parent to there when you get your badge if your under 18? Because its not clear on the website.

You basically need a parent or guardian to pick up the badges on Day 0-4 if you’re under 18. If you’re under 13 then a parent or guardian has to be with you at all times.

Syed Fahim this guy’s a perv. he hardly ever interviews guys and he mostly always asks girls that are showing the most boob to do that stupid hand shake that makes their boobs jiggle.

I watched every interview now and Ben, you did a great job in my opinion! I nearly pissed my pants, a bit sad that it was not quite enough but now that I am through all this it’s a bit sad that it seems to be over.

Because YouTube losers are too busy watching dumb shouting youtube “celebrities” to spend time on channels that are actually intelligent and funny, and 100,000 subscribers isn’t enough to pay the bills. I do not want these interviews to end, and Yeah I’m Bitter About It.

This is really shitty, don’t call it “best cosplay” if all you’re going to do is be a jackass perv with girls that are dressed sexy. If you want to call it sexy cosplays fine, but this is complete crap otherwise.

You really did a great job, you guys! It was awesome to see so funny & spontaneous interviews. Ben Pace will be remembered as my favorite interviewer. Kassem and Greg where also great, but Ben just had something special. His humor had many different layers and felt really advanced. I still wonder how he makes up that stuff in a matter of seconds.

don’t make this your last one, your videos are like the only ones on YouTube that really make me LOL! PS I’ve been trying to find this video where you ask if she’s worried people are looking at her funny and she’s like no people are actually pretty considerate this year, and your like just turn around and there’s a guy staring at her.. That was awesome lmao.

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