7 Overwatch Cosplayers You Need To See – IGN Access

My plan for my bastion costume is to make it have space big enough for me to twist the torso and while being thin so when i’m changing to turret mode i’ll just bend my knees …fold the arms in the inside (somehow) … put down the machine gun and twist the torso slowly … well it’s currently in the works and i’ll wear it next halloween.

The tracer wherei get the classes is pretty ugly bar cause tracer is a super hot character but she isn’t so much but the one with out the glasses is a really good tracer.

The costumes are great and everything and I posted this on a bad day and was just scrolling through random videos on youtube but I mainly just find that the game is overrated.

Man so many dudes in comments page need girlfriends and some fapping yes the cosplayers all are attractive but man the effort into the costumes is what they want you to praise. Such amazing costume. They ain’t even in scantly clad outfits yet many dudes can’t even concentrate with these lovely people and their costumes in the comments. You definitely need to get some girlfriends that cosplay and have tremendous fun.

its kinda nuts that we sink thousands of dollars into this hobby because we are fascinated with the way we can create something awesome out of raw materials. It’s not necessarily the “role play” aspect of cosplay that people like; it is an awesome way to showcase our creativity in an amazingly, nerdy way and be a part of a community who appreciates each other’s work.

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