2016 Worlds Cosplay Music Video | League of Legends Community Collab

I’m pretty sure if I knew any cosplayer who would be able to portray the joy and magnificence that those in this video are able to portray I would be at least half as much as inclined to kill myself.

i am done with ths bulshet . You never anwer when i ask something on your oficial page . i was bronze 1 ad i had promos and i lost cause innthe first game i had an afk, and in the second a duo premade bot illaoi and zed trolling . After that game i played again and jax at 10 min afk after we where wining. My point is that i will probably ge baned for flaming but those who troolled and afk didnt get anithing thats why i hate this game and i am not haingmfun . EUNE is amteror everyhwere trollers.

Thanks riot i got leaverbuster of 20 mins because i carryed my team to the victory but the last 8 min i had to leave because i had to train soccer. i was nami and 50% of my items were pure support and i did better than 75% of my team. please reduce the waiting time to 10/15 mins. or 1/3 of the time i Have to wait that is to much for the 8 mins, (5 times is 100 mins leaverbuster total.) Please riot, i want to play not to wait.

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